Richard and Trish have recently retired and want to live an active lifestyle, but are concerned with taxation and whether their money will reliably last.

They have dreamed of this moment for decades, but now that it is upon them, they have questions:

  • Should they continue investing as they have or should they do something different: providing a reliable stream of income?
  • Is there a withdrawal plan that mitigates the effects of getting taxed at rates higher than they expect?
  • Should they take equal amounts from their retirement accounts or should they take from Richard’s first (he is 7 years older than Trish)?
  • Should Trish begin taking spousal Social Security benefits?

After meeting with their planner, they:

  • Established a plan to systematically convert money from tax-deferred accounts to tax-free accounts.
  • Reallocated their investments with the idea of having their money last to age 100.
  • Determined an amount to spend on the renovation of their home without worrying they might break their nest egg.
  • Carved out a sizeable amount for charitable contributions while lowering their tax bill.

With their plan in place they feel comfortable knowing they have the ability to live the lifestyle they dreamed about.